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Welcome to Medical Stock Images, the one stop image shop for health-care advertising and communications photos and vectors. We offer thousands of royalty free images with doctors and nurses, health office photos, funny health illustrations and thoughtful medical photography from emerging artists around the globe.

We’re both lucky your here. You have hit the bulls-eye in your search for affordable creative images that only cost a few bucks to use with medical and health-care communications and we are lucky to be able to serve you. From this website you can find royalty free images, all model released* by either searching for a keyword in the search area or by clicking on the categories on the right-hand side of the screen and browsing the images by categories. Search the photos for an entire campaign or perform a single image surgical strike. The Medical Stock Image library is easy and fast to use so you can locate the photo you need quickly.

Begin your search by browsing through our categories along the right side of Medical Stock Images page or by entering your own search keyword or phrase into our search engine. Search results show you single images or lightboxes of images and clipart that provide a link to the image details, the ability to download a comp image, build a light box of your choosing or download the images for a few dollars. Just click on the link next to any image you like to learn more about downloading the image and the license.

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*unless noted to the contrary